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Price List


Nova1Net Internet Service

Nova Xtreme - $48.95/mo.

Up to 10.0 MBPS

Great for casual web surfing, emails, & banking.

Nova Platinum - $55.95/mo.

Up to 50.0 MBPS

Great for High Definition streaming, gaming, streaming music, & light work from home.

Nova Diamond - $68.95/mo.

Up to 100.0 MBPS

Great for gaming, 4K streaming, work from home, & home security.

Nova Flash 2 - $89.95/mo.

Up to 300.0 MBPS

Great for running a home office, home security, multiple 4K streaming devices, & freaky fast downloading.


Cable Modem - $3.95/mo.

Wireless Router/Modem - $9.95/mo.

Static IP Address - $10.00/mo.


Up to 5 email accounts included with all internet packages.

Nova1Net Digital Phone Service

Residential Digital Phone Service - $29.95/mo.

*Add phone service to any Nova package for $24.95/mo.

Unlimited local & long distance

Caller ID, voicemail, & call forwarding


Business Digital Phone Service - $36.95/mo.

Unlimited local & long distance

Caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, & multiple line capability


*Taxes and fees not included in price

Misc. Fees

Computer Tech Service Call - $95.00

New Service Installation - $60.00

Reconnect Fee - $45.00

Additional/Relocated Outlet - $45.00

Address Transfer Fee - $45.00

Add Services - $45.00

Buried Cable Charge - $95.00

Late Charge - $8.00

Broken Payment Arrangement Fee - $15.00

Return Check Fee - $35.00

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